Champagne la Villesenière
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Vigneron Indépendant Haute Valeur Environnementale le Cercle des Créateurs de Champagnes Confidentiels
le Cercle des Créateurs de Champagnes Confidentiels
Champagne la Villesenière
Vigneron Indépendant
Haute Valeur Environnementale
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Gault & Millau 2021 Guide spécial Champagne

Coeur de Meunier extra brut (pinot meunier) 16/20
An extra brut of pure Meunier from the 2016 harvest, which has a beautiful finely salmon colour and an abundant foam. On the nose, the fruit is clean and open on a basket of juicy white fruits. The palate has a nice fullness and a tasty fruitiness enhanced by a low dosage that lets the wine express itself. This lovely champagne can be opened with a few thin slices of raw porcini mushrooms.

Harmony extra brut (vintage) 16/20
Six years in the cellar and two years after disgorging for this champagne with a golden colour and a superb, full nose. The aromas seem to be in suspension, all in finesse with a beautiful evolution towards bakery notes. On the palate, the wine reveals itself to be open, vibrant and beautifully fresh. It will be opened for itself and for a slightly spicy cuisine such as plancha prawns and saffron cream. A delight.

Les Cuteries extra brut (blanc de blancs) 16,5/20
An extra raw white wine matured in barrels which opens perfectly on complex notes of lemon cake, brioche and heather honey when aired. The whole is both elegant and racy. On the palate, the juicy side of the Chardonnay is perfectly maintained with a wood that does not mark too much and releases the fullness. We love this style of wine that will be served at the table classically, with sweetbreads or a nice chicken in hay.

Saignée extra brut 16/20
Beautiful deep colour with orange tinges for this bleeding from the 2014 vintage with a large dominance of pinot noir. The nose is both flowery and spicy at the opening, then the red fruits come through with elegance. On the palate, the champagne becomes wine and offers a real alternative to the pinot grapes of northern Burgundy. It is best opened with red meat or matured langres.

Ratafia (ratafia champenois) 15/20
Beautiful bright apricot colour for this ratafia matured in oak barrels, with a compact nose, tightened around the aromas resulting from the maturing process. On the palate, the wine shows a patina, round, perfectly polished, and offers a ratafia completely free of its alcohol vapours, which makes it surprisingly drinkable. It can be opened on a duo of melons or on a blue-veined pastry.

Guide Hachette 2022

Aged 3 years in barrels, this micro production is based on grape must from the 2015 harvest. Yellow-orange in colour, this cuvée reveals a woody and evolved nose, mixing up vanilla with a hint of curry. On the palate, apricot and a whole range of yellow fruits open up alongside maturing notes, forming alltogether a well balanced body. Still the finish of this ratafia is somechat warm. Nevertheless and thanks to its liveliness, this ratafia do leaves an impression finesse.

Gault & Millau 2019 Guide spécial Champagne

Harmony extra brut - BSA 16,5/20
Only produced with the 2012 wine, without being a vintage wine, this cuvée has been maturating more than 5 years in our cellars. The first nose reveals roasted and woody notes as well as vanilla scents and give way, in the second time to ripe yellow fruits. Ample, powerful, well structured and flavourful mouth until the long sapid finish. Wonderful achievement for a woody but still fruity wine that will perfectly matches with sweetbreads.

Les Cuteries extra brut (blanc de blancs) - BSA 17/20
An extra brut wine produced with Chardonnay grapes exclusively and coming from a single vineyard plot planted over middle-hillsides in Boursault. This cuvée Les Cuteries exhibits a clear visual aspect with a fine and abundant bubble. A fine and elegant nose that evokes white flowers, citrus fruits as well as fresh bread at first. A wine that is then full-bodied, with a blasting fruitiness, particularly well balanced and juicy. A wine with breed that is very suitable for the aperitif, perfectly realized, with a rare control of strength. Wonderful.

Saignée brut (rosé de saignée) - BSA  15,5/20
The nose evokes macerated red fruits, fresh blackberries as well as spices. The mouse reminds a still wine with bubbles. Concentrated flavouring and finish similar comparable to that of red wines from the Champagne region. An authentic Rosé de Saignée that will be fully enjoyed with white meats as wells as red fruits desserts.