Champagne la Villesenière
Vigneron Indépendant
Haute Valeur Environnementale
Vigneron Indépendant Haute Valeur Environnementale le Cercle des Créateurs de Champagnes Confidentiels
le Cercle des Créateurs de Champagnes Confidentiels
Champagne la Villesenière
Vigneron Indépendant
Haute Valeur Environnementale
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Portrait of winemakers


Perched on the hillside, with a magnificent view over the vineyards stretching down to the Marne River in the valley below, you’ll find the pretty village of Boursault.

This is where I grew up and where I learned about everything that goes on in the vineyards. I always knew that this would be where I would live and work.

It was thanks to my parents and grandparents that, little by little, I learned about wine making: I learned that it requires hard work, patience and rigour and above all I came to understand that everything starts with the vines.

Dream , desire … The first Cuvée is born in 2010 after many years of reflection and sharing knowledge..

It’s been more than 20 years now that Cyrille, my husband, and I have been tending our vines and sharing our love, not just of the land, but of its history and traditions as well as the satisfaction we get from a job well done.


We made La Villesenière range

These  shared values lead us to create La Villesenière, a range of exceptional champagnes each with its own distinct character.

There are  champagnes in the collection at the moment and each one is made to very specific criteria….

  • All the grapes must come from our vineyards in Boursault so that each champagne can reflect the terroir it comes from
  • Each of the champagnes is aged in oak barrels
  • The grapes come only from our very best plots
  • The blend of wines varies each year as we select only those of highest quality
  • Only the best quality juice from the press is used
  • Each champagne comes from a single harvest (although they are not presented as vintage champagnes).
  • Production is very limited and each champagne is presented in a special bottle.

In the vineyards we apply the same rigorous attention to detail adapting our work to the changing weather and always with the objective of being as environmentally-friendly as possible: grass is allowed to grow in 90% of our vineyards and we never use insecticides. We take the greatest pleasure in creating La Villesenière champagnes and our hope is that they will bring you equal pleasure as you discover their originality and their intriguing variety of captivating aromas

Independant wine makers

As members of the independent vine grower and wine makers association (Vigneron Indépendant ) we are allowed to use its logo – in itself a sign of authenticity – because we adhere to a number of precise and recognised criteria.

We practice a variety of diverse skills in order to offer you wines that are made with passion to delight your senses.

The following concisely sums up everything that is involved:

“The vigneron respects his terroir, tends his vineyard, harvests his grapes, vinifies and matures his wine, bottles his wine and lays it down in his cellar, sells his products, seeks to perfect his respect and understanding of tradition, welcomes visitors, gives advice on how best to enjoy his wines and takes pleasure in sharing with others the fruit of his labour and his culture.”

… for any wine lover this is the ultimate reference!